Sacred Authenticity Workshop – Nov 25th

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Date: November 25th 2023

Venue:  Karen Village, Ngong Road, Nairobi, Kenya

Price : KES 3000


An interactive and immersive workshop to discover tools on the path to inner peace and harmony.


  • Sensory Exploration of Space and Self
  • Embodiment Movement & Journaling
  • Opening of The Heart Seats of light
  • Sound Meditation.

This 3 hr workshop focuses on inner and outer space through collective meditation. Cultivating power of focused attention through movement, tapping into the intelligence of the body and honouring others space while learning to hold space.  There is both individual and pairing play an embodiment focus and dance flow through the somatic healing of Afrikan Yoga  as well as journaling prompts and reflection circle.

This workshop is Facilitated by Pablo Imani (founder of PIMAY – Afrikan Yoga) & Dr Rawan Hassan (Founder of Ankhologie and Yoga Teacher)

Ankhologie founded on the pillars of person-centred psychotherapy and ancient Egyptian spirituality.

Afrikan Yoga Reconnection to the source of an ancient practice of timeless culture for everyday living that will promote the essence of inner harmony and peace.

Bring a yoga mat, blanket or shawl and a note pad.and a mug for  Herbal Tea. The tea will be provided. Wear loose clothing for movement and playful exploration.


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